Outstation Rules

Updated 10/3/22

SECTION 1:  The outstations are intended for the recreational use of active TYC members and their on - board guests. Moorage of non – member’s/guest boats is prohibited However, the Board of Trustees may authorize sharing/exchanging/reciprocal arrangements of the Oro Bay and Wollochet Bay outstations, including club wide events, with other clubs. Boats utilizing the outstations must correctly display their (respective) club burgee. Outstation usage is restricted to boats skippered and attended to by an active member as defined in Article 1 Section 2 or their spouse.  Skippers must sign in immediately after securing their boat or arriving by car. Yacht club membership cards will be shown when requested. All members and guests must observe the following rules and the rules specifically applicable to each outstation.

SECTION 2:  Outstation moorage is on a “first come first served” basis. Members may not reserve space at the floats. Boats should be moored as closely as possible to each other to conserve dock space for later arriving boats. Members are expected to assist in relocating their boats if necessary to accommodate as many as possible. When dock space is not available, members are also expected to encourage other members to raft along side when conditions allow. In order to encourage rafting, whenever feasible, members will place fenders on both sides of their boats upon arrival at the outstation. The outstation manager will not assign moorage locations but is expected to assist in mooring and/or moving boats when necessary.

SECTION 3:  The privacy and rights of others, be they children or adults must be respected. Members will be held strictly responsible for the conduct of themselves, their families and their guests, and will be required to reimburse the Club for any damage to outstation facilities. The responsibility of parents to exercise effective control over the behavior of their children is particularly emphasized. Abuse of the facilities will be strictly monitored and may lead to suspension of outstation or other Club privileges.

SECTION 4:  At all of our outstations we have neighbors. It is imperative, if we are to retain our present outstations and acquire new ones, that we conduct ourselves as good neighbors. In particular, it is important that TYC members and guests not trespass on neighboring property and that noise be controlled. The use of boat loud-hailers and whistles is prohibited except in case of emergency.

SECTION 5:  All pets must be kept on a leash when off their boats. Members of each vessel with pets aboard will be held responsible for the actions of the pets at all times aboard and ashore. Pets are not allowed in the kitchen, storage rooms, restrooms or showers. Dogs on rafting boats that are too large to be carried over boats must be taken ashore by dinghy. Members are responsible for the prompt removal and cleanup of all feces and urine from TYC structures.

SECTION 6:  The outstation facilities are intended for the use by active members and no boat may be unattended for more than sixteen (16) hours or overnight. Attendance must be by the member or spouse. In addition, boats may be moored at these facilities for a total period not to exceed nine (9) days in any calendar month, visits to an Outstation may not exceed nine (9) consecutive days at any one Outstation. Any nine (9) consecutive day visit must have a minimum of five (5) days away from that Outstation before returning.

The Deer Harbor Outstation is limited to two (2) day maximum stay from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend and each visit must have a minimum of five (5) days away from the Deer Harbor Outstation before returning and no member shall exceed four (4) days in a thirty (30) day period.

The Port Ludlow Outstation is limited to two (2) day maximum stay per calendar month and shall not exceed eight (8) days per calendar year.
SECTION 7: Hosting members are responsible for the actions of their guests and must be present at the outstation with their guests. Moorage or rafting of guest boats is not allowed. Non member guests visiting by dinghy from their boat shall secure the dinghy per Section 13.

SECTION 8: Power hookups are available based on one outlet per boat. A second outlet can be used only if there is a vacant slip and then this must be disconnected if a boat takes that slip. All power must be shut off before connecting or disconnecting power cord to prevent receptacle burn out.

SECTION 9: Campers and recreational vehicles are not allowed at outstations.

SECTION 10: A “no wake” speed is required when approaching the dock and within the outstation facility.

SECTION 11: Overboard discharging must be carefully controlled and all laws and regulations must be observed.

SECTION 12: All facilities and gates must be kept locked except during club functions.

SECTION 13: Tenders should not occupy dock space or impede rafting. Tenders should be kept aboard the mother vessel, bed to the stern or parked in a designated dinghy area.

SECTION 14: As a courtesy to other boaters, generators (year round) and diesel furnaces (in July and August) shall not be operated before 0800 or after 2200 hours.

SECTION 15: Spirit rule: any activity by a member appearing to circumvent the specific rules or operating outside the “spirit” of the Tacoma Yacht Club and/or our outstation rules as written in this yearbook will be considered as serious.