The Lighted Boat Parade is on Saturday Dec. 16th starting at 5:30pm

Welcome to the 2023 Tacoma Yacht Club Lighted Boat Parade!  Both TYC and non-TYC members are invited to participate in this holiday event.  Use your imagination, and decorate your boat for this festive night on the water. Most boats only decorate their starboard side. 
All boats will assemble in front of the Point Defiance docks (by Anthony's) at about 5:30 on parade day.  Please be careful in the assembly area, as the location is co-located with the Vashon Island ferry route, and all boats should remain clear of the ferry when it is departing or arriving.  The assembled boats will monitor VHF Channel 72 for parade instructions.  Once the parade commences, boats will go along the Tacoma waterfront and down the Foss Waterway, ending at the Dock Street Marina.  The TYC bridge officers will lead the parade, followed by other vessels.  The parade is planned at a leisurely 5 knot speed, but try to adjust speed as necessary to maintain fairly close (but comfortable and safe) spacing to the boat in front of you.
We’re excited to have as many participants as possible for a wonderful and enjoyable holiday event.

Sailboats please contact Gene Kautzman so we know if we need to arrange for the 11th street bridge to be open.

Gene Kautzman
For TYC members desiring to attend the club party on the dock after the parade, please click here to register.